A Thought Provoking Quote

All descriptions of reality are limited expressions of the world of
emptiness. Yet we attach to the desciptions and think they are reality.
That is a mistake.

Susuki Roshi

So simple. So true. So human!

Thanks Nic for sending the quote.

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4 thoughts on “A Thought Provoking Quote”

  1. I don’t see that we can do any other than to hold on to ideas (however hidden from our own view); it’s how we live day to day. The art seems to be in having the wisdom to see when they are of less use than first thought and then the skill to change them for some other more suitable approximations.

    Reading a book about time, Godel and Einstein, I came accross the following by Wittgenstein, regarding what it is possible to know; one must ‘throw away the ladder after [one] has climbed up it.’

    It all reminds me; ‘have a cup of tea’.

  2. Love the quote from Wittgenstein. And yes, let’s have a cup of tea…. Happy Buddha’s Birthday where ever you are.

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