Flooded with Flood Stories

Britain is flooded
huge swathes
under water.

The water
is rising
and rising.

The news
full of

So much
too much
to cope with.

I bumped into this post A Flood Story Older Than Noah. The post links to Flood Stories From Around the World. That’s it.

For those caught up in the drama and misery of flooding.

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2 thoughts on “Flooded with Flood Stories”

  1. I like the idea of a round ark – of course it doesn’t need a ship shape – it doesn’t have to go anywhere! How interesting and telling that all the pictures from our children’s storybooks show a ship shaped ark. How deep the goal orientation is in our culture.

  2. Well I was thinking those ark people might have been thinking there was an edge to the flood! And therefore needed to head in that direction, which ever way that might be…. I like the idea of round boats though.

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