Get Out Of The Car!

Sometimes, when things don’t work, you just have to get out of the car. And then get back in it again. And that’s what I did with my laptop yesterday. I reinstalled Windows, returned the computer to it’s factory settings. A first for me and it was relatively painless. Far better than a car that, in the end, wouldn’t even start!

How interesting it is to notice how we can put up with mal functioning, work around them, try to ignore them, hope they will go away, take a walk and see if anything is better on returning. This can happen not only with machines and the like. It happens with us on all the levels that we can ‘mal function’. Over the holidays I’d eaten more sugar than I ever do. But, I reasoned (unreasonably), it’s just a bit more, no problems. But, and a big but, there are consequences and it’s commonly known as a ‘sugar low’. I don’t think I’d noticed how extreme that low can be. It lasted a day, with a head ache to beat the band! I’m now back in the car and running just fine. Thankfully.

Yes, some mal functions do come right with time but others do not. What’s the lesson here? Listen I guess, and keep on listening. And take action in sensible and measured ways.

And talking of cars why not take a trip in one via Google Streets View. This video titled Address Is Approximate. A must for those who want to travel across America but won’t be doing that any time soon.

Thanks Julius for the link. You have made many a person smile, me included.

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2 thoughts on “Get Out Of The Car!”

  1. Which it surely is. A lesson in that even while typing this comment. The caps lock was on with bizarre results. Nothing for it but to delete and start again.

    May I wish you “Happy New Year”.


  2. Yep sometimes one has to delete and start again. But it can never be as if it had not been there, what ever that might be, and I guess that’s were the learning is. To learn to forget what once was, and hopefully not repeat. Uh, THAT’s what I was thinking of writing about today. The merits of forgetting!

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