Parents Remembered – Video

My parents are buried in the cemetery at Throssel Hole Buddhist Abbey. Just in case you can’t read the inscription on my mother’s grave marker it says, The lord is my shepherd.

Sending greeting and remembering the kindness of parents. They made it possible for us to live a good life; a unique life, a beneficial life. For that, at the very least, one can be grateful.

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7 thoughts on “Parents Remembered – Video”

  1. Although I am not close to my parents I do give thanks to the home they provided and the values they instilled in me. Its my lovely Gram that blessed me with her warmth and love. A dear friend custom made two wonderful beads from stones I choose from the woods around his cabin. He worked for hours handcrafting them and made a small hole within the center. He then made a tiny funnel in which I used to pour a tiny bit of my dear grandmothers ashes into the stone. We sealed it with a clear bit of glass and now I have my Gram next to my heart every day. What a wonderful treasure he made me to go along with the treasure she was and remains in my life.
    Blessing for the New Year

  2. I have often wondered about my thoughts, and wondered if they are mine or am I predisposed to the thoughts of my parents, then looking at photos of grandparents, great grandparents and listings of those many years before I wonder how many of my thoughts were their thoughts also. We were brought up with certain values in mind with the hope that we continued those values. Some looking back need to be changed as my Fathers thoughts on folk from overseas, for him, his Mother and their values, it was probably quite a shock to them.
    I miss my Mam, though saying that, I have got used now to her not being here as my Mam anymore. Though I do still exclaim to her that some folk may need addressing, of course compared to my values.

    In a way, my thoughts stem from the values I was brought up with, and therefore my departed kin helped create those thoughts and they then live on in my thoughts. The confusion comes from my Father, who is away with Alzheimers. I say away, he has left us some parts, the physical shell, the sense of humour and the stubbornness. I have thought, that if you take away a personality, what is really left. For myself, what is left is a reminder of my Father, a balance of good and bad, of course, to my values, of which instilled by him.
    So, my Fathers animated shell is a living memorial to him, though no epitaph but good fun and Spike Milligan type humour, which brings a tiny bit of him back.

    I look back and I remember my Dads upbringing, a single mum as a parent and a wayward dad. The dad, it turned out lived a mile or two from them, with another family. Tough for my Granny in 1947.

    If you can, smile with your parents, if they are not with you, think a thought that will make you and them smile.

  3. Thank you for the last two, simple yet powerful sentences in your Dec. 28th posting. I continue to struggle within the strange relationship I have with my mother and my perplexity and frustration with her were amplified over the past two weeks. However, thanks to Myles and meditation, I finally came to see that compassionate wisdom has been missing on my part. Your posting succinctly captured how to hold our parents in our heart, and what is good to do.

  4. Readers may know Philip Larkin’s oft quoted lines, which I will not repeat as they’re blunt – and easily found. A judge, Lord Justice Wall, cited them in an acrimonious divorce case that came before him. I’m fortunate that I reached equilibrium with my parents, now in their late eighties, while there was time, and able to see facets that were invisible when I was younger.
    Best wishes for 2012

  5. Hi Reverend Mugo … Happy New Year! Warm winter this year in Edmonton. So far we’ve only had a few days of cold weather :)

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