Hanging Up Travelling Robe

Currently I am:
catching up with sleep and rest
slowing down from these past months of travel
looking forward to an extended period of rest/renewal/reflection/retreat……

I’ll continue to post.

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8 thoughts on “Hanging Up Travelling Robe”

  1. Hope you had a straight-forward journey back to the UK Rev. Mugo; and that this period of late autumn sunshine helps to acclimatise you!

    I studied Archaeology at Uni and I am convinced that human beings all still have the urge to move, to travel to different places, deeply programmed within us from the time that we lived by hunting and gathering and moving with the seasons to accommodate this way of life. There is something very natural about it but no longer that easy to do in the 21st Century.

    I’d like to say welcome home, but where is – what is ‘home’? or welcome back but I don’t really feel that you have been ‘away’. So just . . . .welcome!

    Enjoy your well earned R&R&R&R and thank you again for ‘Jade Mountains’ and for sharing your travels.

    In gassho


  2. I am reminded of case 15 of The Gateless Gate…

    Not that I propose anyone is due any blows!

    Nice to know you are back in the UK – hope our paths cross sometime soon Rev Mugo.

  3. Hi Rev Mugo

    trust you had a more sedate landing back in the UK than I did back in Shetland on Saturday; it was a bit wild.

    Hope you enjoy your R&R. I enjoyed reading about your travels, thoughts and encounters.

    I’m settling in to R&R after my knee op, gradually. I’m going to be making the most of the quiet time while I can now I’ve come to terms with it.

    In gassho,


  4. Kevin, I had no idea you were having surgery on your knee. So sorry. But you know being grounded is not all bad. In fact it can be ‘all good’ from my experience of a broken leg ten years ago. As you well know:

    There is the need to stop,
    the idea of stopping,
    the wish to stop,
    the knowledge that is definitely good to stop –
    and there is the stopping of stop.

    Not like falling off a log is it?

  5. the R X 4! And thanks for the welcome too. I hardly feel I have been away, now I am back. But that’s the way it is. Yes, it has been a good landing. Thanks.

  6. I’d no idea that’s where that saying came from…

    And nice to know you are here still Dave. Our paths will cross and perhaps soon as I am due to be in your town this month. If you are in your town.

  7. No need to be sorry Rev Mugo.

    Good to have the reminder of that passage. Not as easy as falling of a log, no, but by jove i think I’ve done it, for the moment at least.

    In gassho, Kevin

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