There Is Peace In This Place…

said the Telus engineer as he stood on the threshold of the apartment where I am staying with members of the lay community here in Vancouver. There followed a rather interesting morning, which I do not have the time to talk about unfortunately.

Later, after the engineers had left, Michele sent me a link to a site with a rather interesting book on it titled Relating To a Spiritual Teacher. Here is a quote:.

Avoiding Over-dependence on Others for Spiritual Energy
Even after committing oneself to a spiritual path and establishing a disciple-mentor relationship, maintaining energy and motivation in one’s spiritual practice may often present a challenge. Thus, seekers need a variety of ways to help lift themselves from the inevitable moments of feeling uninspired and unmotivated. The classical texts recommend staying in close contact with other practitioners and with spiritual teachers when one finds oneself in need of support.

The book can be downloaded as a .pdf. I haven’t read it – yet.

Thanks to the Telus men. You were an inspiration to us, both of you. Peace is all around and so when it is pointed out…there is a confirmation of what is already, all around. It is good to speak up, from one’s heart – to hearts.

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