Just One Thing

Mount Shasta in evening dress.

Just one thing. Just one thing today to reflect on here. And as I think on the question it is almost impossible to drag out of my memory one thing separated from what that memory triggers.

There is a constant stream of faces, connected with ceremonies and singing and talking and laughing. And looking at the mountain while eating and talking. Of walking and talking and smelling a bush of Broom, bright yellow and fragrant. Oh and making an announcement to the gathered congregation about African Violets, They need your care, love and attention. And plant food! And thinking about my being asked to give a Dharma Talk next week and wondering if I have the time to prepare, or if I need to decline. And talking to a woman who had my heart practically burst open and tears roll out of my eyes in response to her open and simple willingness to take a suggestion on-board. Just that.

Right now. The most memorable event. That’s the haunting sound of a train announcing itself through the dark night. Now the distant rumble as it heads north, slowly – with more sounding echoing against the mountain. Just like in the movies, only for real!

So it is, in the end, the most immediate that wins the one thing challenge. No surprise there.

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One thought on “Just One Thing”

  1. Hello Rev. Master Mugo….what a beautiful photo of Mt. Shasta. I sat facing her many days while having my meals, sometimes just wondering what it would be like to take a hike along her paths. Although she looks very serene, I am sure that, being a volcano, she actually has some life within her bubbling about. It makes me think a bit of myself sometimes bubbling away secretly inside while looking quiet on the outside.

    Thoughts are like that…bubbling away inside until they get any opportunity to be released. So are ideas. It can actually be quite wonderful as to what ‘breaks through’…I suppose that, being an artist, that I am open and willing to have these ‘breakthroughs.’ They become the momentum for my next paintings. Sometimes they come through with as a trickle of small ideas that build on one another until the picture is clear. Other times they are just fully there like an explosion of wonderment, and one wonders how on earth it come through with such clarity.

    Well, such is my thought on thoughts.

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