One Step – At A Time


As steps
lead forth
through still
past life
catches up.

Looking back
at what
is now
mending comes
Eternal Bows.

One step, one step – one after the other and all together.

For those, who I do not know, I’ve caused pain to through weak word and stumbling action.

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4 thoughts on “One Step – At A Time”

  1. I just jumped onto your site. What a great new photo! You are clearly on the move. The photo is now so well integrated visually with the top photo in colors, scale, and sensibility. Beautiful, and such a clear expression of you, your practice and offerings. Safe travels. Keep in touch.

  2. Thanks for the feedback Pam. It was because you pointed out the scale thing in connection with the banner that I had a new photo taken in Edmonton. Thanks to Michael for his patience….

    And I like the photo, it does indicate how things are for me right now as I prepared to return to the UK. I find I return to the UK with a sense of uplift, walking into the unknown- for all of us I guess. Yes, uplift is the word I would use right now. Thank you for _your_ patience, and compassion too.

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