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The resident monk, Rev. Alicia, at Reading Buddhist Priory, Berkshire, UK is writing a regular news/blog. I await her weekly posts with happy anticipation. Perhaps some of my enthusiasm is because I was the resident monk there in the early 1990’s. Knowing for example Rev. Alicia has arranged for a plumber to install new taps (faucet’s) and that the new floor covering is down on the stairs brings me vicarious pleasure, even after all this time away. But there is more, much more, to these writings. There is teaching that comes through both overtly and through her talking about her day. This post on Renewal is a grand example of the teaching coming though. Here is an excerpt from this post as a taster.

Renewal is a different concept to rest. Renewal is a change of pace, time out from the usual routine of work, an opportunity to relax, yes, but in skillful ways that keep the training going and allow it to be expressed in other ways. It is a chance to ask ‘what would it be good to do that would renew/refresh me in mind and body?’

I have subscribed to the RSS Feed on this site. The link to the feed can be found at the bottom of the list in the left side-bar.

And if you look at my schedule you’ll see I’ll be staying a few nights in Reading after I land back in England October 29th. Hum…wonder if there will be some gardening I can do while I’m there. Clip the Hawthorne hedge perhaps?

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One thought on “Priory News – Reading – Renewal”

  1. I have just been on a retreat doing lots of sitting and boy do I feel renewal.
    Like an old friend has crept up behind me and given me a warm embrace. I hope I can keep walking so softly like a deeply respectful martial artist as I reconnect with offices, emails, texts, wounded souls and motorised traffic.

    I think I can keep this stillness if I do everything whole heartedly and keep waking up from my tendency to day dream. In fact if I am really present the day itself is wonderfully dream-like without me trying to escape into ideal realities.

    Doing the small things (like washing up and tidying) with reverence helps me so much, then the seemingly more important activities just flow. To do all activities in the spirit of wishing welfare to all beings, what would that be like? I want to investigate…

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