Retreat Response – Shasta Abbey

Well it was heartening to read this piece reflecting one persons recent experience of being on an introductory retreat at Shasta Abbey in Northern California. Here’s the concluding paragraph.

One of the great things about completing an introductory retreat is that after you learn the program, you are welcome back any time. The monastery works on the idea of dana. There is no set fee or even a “suggested donation.” This is by design. And dana comes in many forms, not just money. There is an understanding that when beings are generous with other beings, those beings will be generous back. And let me tell you, these beings are generous. There is an exchange of energy so strong it creates a swirling vortex of kindness, compassion, and giving.

Gassho, Shasta Abbey. You have shown great kindness and I will remember you.

And the same goes for Throssel Hole Abbey in Northumberland. Having completed an Introductory Retreat you are welcome to stay outside of retreat times and follow the regular daily schedule.

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2 thoughts on “Retreat Response – Shasta Abbey”

  1. Thanks for sharing this lovely account. I attended an introductory retreat (my first contact with Shasta Abbey) on Memorial Day weekend, 1994. Still SO grateful, after all these years.

    1. You bet Jeannine. My first intro. left a big impression – as did the several I attended afterwards, until the priors at that time asked if I’d like to come and help with them. This was Throssel 1978/9.

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