The Mountain Remains

Sun and mist come and go –
And always the Mountain remains.
H.Y. 1.1.2000

When the above was written in my book of scriptures I could not have been more miserable. At the time I knew a lot about mist and very little about sun. It was one of those times of wall to wall pain, on all levels. The Mountain remained, in the background. For one thing I’d broken my leg and not known I’d done it. My leg hurt, I hurt. A few days into the new year I was able to get to a hospital for x-rays. Quickly my leg was encased in a plaster cast and I was on crutches, for six weeks.

It was only a little slip on a frozen bank – my ankle turned – I heard a slight click. Yep! the doctor said happily. People can fall off a roof or out of a tree and not break anything. It’s the little slips and trips that, more often than not, result in major fractures. Isn’t that just the way of things. You make a mistake and you think you are in big trouble and you are not. You let slip an ill timed word or three and you are dead in the water.

At the time I viewed the above text through a haze of unhappiness. I didn’t appreciate it, as now. Seven years latter, seeing this text, remembering the turn of the millennium and how things were at the time, I started to silently repeat a well worn mantra. Uh! That was the very worst New Year of my entire life. But I stopped mid sentence, changed my mind and decided not to continue.

It is possible to change one’s mind –

And, no matter what, always the Mountain remains.
Now it is here, Happy New Year!
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