Ode to Darcey

I’d wanted to link to this touching obituary for a well loved dog a couple of days ago. Better late, than never all.

Darcey. Darcey-Dog. ‘Dee-Dee’ to her many friends. A dog-lover’s dog. Big black amiable giant with a heart of gold. You could roll around on the floor with her for hours. Her sense of fun was just amazing. Cheeky, obsessed with food, she could hear a sweetie paper at two hundred metres in a hurricane.

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One thought on “Ode to Darcey”

  1. About a month ago my cat of over 25 years passed away at my friends’ in Denver. I’m still waiting for Hugo’s ashes and paw print, which the vet took for me, to arrive here in Germany. Always difficult losing close furry friends! I was just reading the Rocky Mountain News online and saw this article about two dogs…I hope it’s ok to post a link, Rev. Mugo? Here it is:


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