Onwards to Normal

They say it will be dark when we get up tomorrow morning at 5.45 a.m.

The sense of Autumn is in the air, it has been much cooler today, cold and changeable. Now wind and rain, now sunshine and showers. Now onwards to our normal schedule.

It’s been almost a year since I arrived back in England. And it is at least a year since I took a look at what is out there in terms of Buddhist Podcasts. Perhaps I wasn’t looking that hard however I only remember a small hand full. Now there is a shed full of them. Uh! I’ve been wanting to weave that expression into a blog for days!

It was my sometimes walking companion who told me the origin of the expression, a shed full. Preston Meditation Group, many years ago. Have another chocolate biscuit Reverend, don’t worry we have a whole shed full of them! More than enough for all.

Thanks to Buddhist Village for the link.

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6 thoughts on “Onwards to Normal”

  1. Thanks for the podcast links. I’ve become a bit of a Buddhist Podcast junkie over the last year or so, mainly listening to the talks from Shasta Abbey and San Fransisco Zen Center. Sometimes they’re just what I need, but sometimes I can feel like I’m overdosing on them if I’m not careful. The phrase ‘part of a balanced practice’ springs to mind.

    The net has helped me a lot, though. When I was feeling in the wilderness a year or so ago, it was this very blog and some talks by Eckhart Tolle on YouTube that gently guided me back to practice.

    And I’m so grateful for it. Thank you. Dave

  2. Any chance of Throssel talks being Podcast?
    – I have always found tapes from Throssel very helpful.
    “Gently guided back to practice” is very apt for me, whether via talks, tapes, mp3’s or blogs!

    In Gassho,


  3. Thanks Dave and Miles. No with the slow internet connection here at Throssel there is little chance we would upload talks. There is always the ‘Tape of the Month’, now on CD.

    Yes, I know the internet has helped a great many people to keep up their practice and to find spiritual encouragement too.

  4. “Fear or not, here it is.”

    Phrases like ‘here it is’ have become really importantly to me recently. I’ve heard Rev Master Daishin say ‘just this’ a few times. I think it comes from something I heard about the Dharma gates being within Samsara, and the Dharma gates come to meet you. I guess I’ve always known this, but sometimes it seems I need to look elsewhere for a while before the penny drops. And perhaps this happens on ever deeper levels. But the idea of Nirvana being elsewhere seems to be fading fast.

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