Time Not Passing

Limestone Pavement
Limestone Pavement

The unknown, the Unknowing. Falling. Falling over. Hurt. Old body, seen life. Falling. Falling over. Hurting. Much water passing, many clouds wafting.

Through a keyhole. Surgery. Saintly surgeon. The unknown, the Unknowing. Then. A Mallard Duck. Motionless in a glass cage. Stuffed? Later gone. Up through the top of the cage. Gone. Just like that.

Wonders never cease. Do they? Slip a card into a slot, a slit. Later. Cash! (Sorry, no receipt.) Yes, plastic bag please. Crossing the road. Not getting run over. Coins. Money. Purchase. Food cooked and eaten.

Been around and about. Now back.

When people you know and love are on the brink, in danger of passing away. At least the possibility. Simple things come into sharp focus. Crazy things like the trapped duck in the middle of a hospital. Leave a lasting impression. Just everyday living, just for a short while, is deeper than you’d ever think.

How does it go? There is an ‘unknowing’, that goes on for ever and ever. And is even now.

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2 thoughts on “Time Not Passing”

  1. This post comes at a time when I have been remembering a period when “simple things come into sharp focus”. It is 18 years since Bob (my husband who you knew so well) died. We had been told 6 months previously that his prognosis was less than a year , how we lived those last few months was with everything in sharp focus. Only occaissionall now does life hold so much focus and detail. We saw brighter colours, heard sounds that much clearer,felt emotions more rawly, laughed harder, cried harder. Living like that is amazing and exhausting. Life returns to the usual ,the routine , the chores, the dog walking, the washing the kitchen floor but always there is that spark of a memory of how aware one once was, and realising, that being right where you are at that moment and not wishing for elsewhere or someone else is just the joy of ordinariness. Thanks for reminding me again. Adrienne

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