What Books show us

Books let us into
their souls and
lay open to us
the secrets
of our own.
William Hazlitt

At throssel arranging a well overdue climb of Great Gable in the Lake District later in the month. Ah to have a walking companion to walk beside. Walking is easier when not alone. So like life itself – given our ‘souls’ are not alone.

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4 thoughts on “What Books show us”

  1. Wish I could have joined your trip to Great Gable but I’ve just returned from a week of walking based at Rosthwaite. I was on Seathwaite Fell taking photos of the Gables and all the snow seemed to have gone from the tops (possibly still some patches on the west side). Some pics on Flickr if you’re interested (search on Muthill Roxs). The top of Gable can be confusing in mist – I once led a party of lost teenagers down off the top when they became completely disorientated. My favourite mountain though. Hope the weather is kind!
    PS What Hazlitt’s books show us about him is not all to his credit!

    1. Lovely day up on the most beautiful mountain in the entire world. High light of the trip. Saw man with a lamb under one arm as he ran the scree down Hell Gate. He had heard it carrying on high up on the mountain. Climbed to find it and was intent on getting it down to the farmer – the fast way. We had no business to be where we were, but we were. Fantastic day with sunshine but rather high wind on the top. Not put off though.

  2. Give my regards to Great Gable. Many happy summers have I spent on Lakeland fells.I miss having the ease of access these days. I once got to the broad summit of Great Gable as the mother of all thunder storms did from the opposite direction.The rain was so heavy the lightning was flashing across the ground.I would have overtaken a champion fell runner getting out of there.No cover anywhere on the top of Gr.Gable.Hope you make it and hope you are blessed with fine weather.

    1. I did. Today. Great Gable as amazing as ever. Lots of work on the routes to combat erosion by footfall and those who like to fast track by running the scree. Lovely day out with near perfect weather. Will write about the walk another day. Seven hours + on my feet, up and down – tiered now.

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