Wings Clipped!

Lemon & Ginger Marmalade

I never thought I’d have to say I have sustained a marmalade making injury! But I have. More than a week ago I was sitting in my chair, kitchen scissors in hand and a bowl of lovely lemons preparing to make a sweet brew. They, several kilos of them, from Spain via Crowd Farming were sent by a kind and generous friend. The Mangos from the same source via the same kind friend were pretty spectacular too. Thank you, again

There are consequences for sustained restricted movements. Physical ones. Snip, snip and more snips resulted in a bunched up muscle by my shoulder blade. It’s not rocket science, I knew the consequences but did I listen and refrain, or even take a break now and then? Nope. Don’t we just think we can ‘get away with it’?

Days on and in spite of my best efforts to allow nature to do what she does so well, to allow balled up muscles to release into their appropriate length, my ‘wing’ (arm and shoulder) has literally gone into spasm. My right arm is doing its ouchie thing. Nerve pain. Ouch! Triple ouch.

Help is on its way and in the meantime, my metaphorical wings are indeed clipped. If one can’t do that for oneself then circumstance will do it for you. I take this as a blessing. We are, after all, on our January Monastic Retreat when doing less is best, and recomended.

I’m over pity, both self-pity and the desire for pity from others. Just send merit if you would, please. My walking companion’s quiet sympathy is enough. Thanks. More on self-pity, perhaps tomorrow. I’ve lots of space and time now……!

Note on gratitude: This post is for a person who is in extremity physically and that tends to come with emotional/mental stressed outness too. A larger jar of Marmalade has their name on it. And another jar for a couple of chaps who look out for me, and I for them.

I sense you readers out there as I write. Thanks for coming back, it’s always a great boost to know you are there. Reading.

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13 thoughts on “Wings Clipped!”

  1. Hi Rev Mugo
    I once gave Rev Olwen a set of Miracle Balls..having just had such a bunched muscle around a nerve this xmas I know the pain 😱
    Lying on this ball did help..a lot !
    She may still have them around somewhere.

    Merit for getting well soon.

    1. I have a set of Miracle Balls beside me now, Kathleen. Thanks for the heads up. I will follow the link you sent me. I live in faith and also I’m ‘on to it’, the balls will help thanks. I’ve Some St. John’s Wort Macerated Oil. Such a lovely red and in time it will relieve the pain. Yep, nothing like nerve pain is there.

  2. Can’t help feeling Ouch with you, my own Ouches echoing, sending merit and healing wishes. Glad to hear you again though. Camilla🤗🌹

  3. Oooooooh ! Ouch! I’m hurting for you ! Is that magical thinking? Anyway I’m thinking of you and wishing the ouch wil get smoothier soon. 🙏❤️

  4. I’m transferring merit your way. Believe me, I understand how easy it is to make the mistake of overdoing….Especially as this old body crumbles and clenches much more easily than it used to.

  5. I read today because I wanted to know what was clipped. Old age and some health situations have clipped many activities out of my daily life. My arms seem to be holding up but my feet and legs are holding me back. Seems you see what is going on and lemons

  6. Oh what a bore! Clipped wings are no fun. Isn’t it so easy to overdo physical activities though? I have had to limit my rug making time due to experiencing cramping of the fingers. It is hard to accept that one’s body is not staying the same, but is gradually getting worn out. It is also very hard (I find) to be gentle with one’s own body. Warning messages come up, but no, I do not listen. Even having a wonderful time in the sea, surfing, I find that I have neck ache afterwards! With love and hugs from a fellow sympathiser. xxxxxx

  7. Dear Reverend Master Mugo

    Just to say how much I appreciate your posts.

    And also to wish you and your wing well. Sending merit and a wish that you will recover very quickly and very soon.

    With gassho

    (We did meet once in Cornwall, ooh about 20 years ago !, when you were staying in a caravan with friends on their small-holding. You gave me a still much cherished gift of a wrist bracelet)

  8. Am offering merit with incense right now. Wishing you a full recovery. When I fell out of the shower and hurt my back a few years ago, in my late 60s, it was the awareness of the Alexander Technique that showed me how to heal relatively quickly. So you, being very gifted in the Technique, will hopefully restore the function and ease the pain without too many problems. And of course the help which is on the way will play it’s part too.

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