Winter In The Spring


Winter is on it’s way here in northern England with snow expected tomorrow. And tomorrow is the first day of Spring in the Solar Calendar! Or at least that’s my understanding. Where-ever we are in the big scheme of things there does seem to be a sense of expectancy in the air. What will this new year bring? I wonder.

Stay warm.

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4 thoughts on “Winter In The Spring”

  1. It arrived at 05:30 this very morning. Minus 10 degrees C here in sunny Preston. Soon after that time I cycled to work. I soon warmed up with the exercise. Alas, with temperatures that low, the leg muscles could not warm up enough, it was a bit of a labour.

    Keep an eye on other folk in these conditions, some can be very proud.

  2. Thanks Keith. Sunny Preston at -10c. That is impressive by any standard. The snow is coming down here in the northern Lakes, and sticking. Nothing really heavy yet though. No idea of the temperature however yesterday felt colder. But now the wind is up it could be seriously low, with the wind chill factor.

    My thought this morning exactly, the folks who grew up to ‘put up’ with harsh conditions need some attention for sure. And most likely they don’t heat their homes because that’s ‘extravagant’. I’m a bit from that way of thinking myself. I keep moving and wear lots. It works.

  3. Hope it doesn’t get too cold up there. From outside our living room window i can hear what sounds like crackling embers, i think its actually ice falling, somewhere between hail and snow – very peculiar but sounds nice.



  4. Hah! Sounds like you had the best of the weather over where you are Miles. Our snow came to nothing much at all. Nothing will match the last two wild winters. Wouldn’t you know it I was all prepared with my Yaktax too. In Edmonton when the temp. dropped into double digits below c the wooden houses cracked as you describe. Remember sitting through a long evening listening to the house getting colder and colder and not a thing one could do to change that.

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