Within The Limitless Hut

Top of the West Allen valley looking towards Coalclough

Man sees off the old year
and welcomes the new year,
marking the demarcation by himself.
In the same playful manner
man takes off the mask of delusion
and puts on the mask of realization.
Such a make-believe is not agreeable to this monk,
he enjoys eternity in his limitless hut,
as he does not wear any kind of mask.
Every day is new and happy to him.
January 1st, 1957 – Nyogen Senzaki

A New Year
what to say.
This poem
and rescued

Seeing you, within the limitless hut!

Your Comments – Your Support

I have spent quite a bit of time this morning answering the back-log of comments. My blog activity gave way to community activity over the holidays and the internet gave way for periods of time too! Now I am back at it on line, although I still have some visiting to do over the next few days.

Sometimes a comment gets lost so I’m answering Pascals here on the front page. Both as a personal response to him and a public one to you all who read this. Be you a regular reader or have just stopped by, have a good year and thank you for your support.

A number of you have left donations using EveryClick (see Donations tab at the top of this page). Here is my chance while talking directly to thank you so much. Your donations put food on the table and a roof over my head. Literally.

Dear Pascal,

Thank you for this comment which was attached to a post from some time ago.

Well, well. I encourage you to keep writing!

Pascal, not the one who wants Surfing pictures…

I am delighted to see you here Pascal. Where you are, land locked in Canada, you have no need of surfing pictures. Yes, there are two Pascals who visit here. You are the FRENCH Pascal. A pleasure to know you.

In this post I am responding to your encouragement to keep writing, and all the other encouragement that comes my way. I will and I am continue to write.

Having a comment left from you and others does have an impact on helping the flow of thinking to have expression here.

Autosocks To The Rescue

Approach from the West….

This morning, climbing up from the East towards Hartside Top. Snow. Gradually more snow. Oh crikey! Thick snow. But not a thought, as far as I can remember, of turning back. Just two wheel track dents in snow, blowing across the road. Plowing on regardless. A kind of madness? Thankfully when I finally did grind to a halt by the lonely summit cafe there were men pushing a sliding-spinning car.

It’s all a bit of a blur now. All cold hands and slush under the wheel arches. Fitting Autosocks for the first time. Bit of a struggle. Men clearly unimpressed with sock activity. Impatient to push me out of the road to let others past. (Was that Rail Track they had written on their jackets?!) Me determined to fit those socks. They disappear into the blowing snow. Then hurried shouted exchanges with other drivers. Go back? Go on? Men return to get the car moving. I’m in my robes. Soaked. Are you going on? a chap shouted. Yes. I shouted back. We’ll follow you then.

For those who know this road the snow drifts just after the summit and then after the first sharp bend, not so much. As I took off the socks, having reached tarmac, the car following me stopped to check if I was OK. The lad in the back, headphones still in place, rolled down his window. Awesome! he exclaimed. I’d like to think he was appreciating my driving skills. The back end of the car shimmied back and forth in the loose churned up snow calling for a steady hand and calm nerve. But it was probably the socks! They were indeed awesome.

Just before Melmerby the barrier across the road announced that the crossing was closed! In The Village Bakery, tea, scone and jam with a chance to come down from this minor adventure. Had a memorable conversation with a couple at the cafe who had made the crossing too. Thanks for being there. And listening.

If there is a next time. If there is a question. If there is cause for concern. I’ll go the long way round.


A devotee of the Dharma and friend within the sangha died yesterday morning.
She was a Buddhist. Devoted, caring, giving and elegant. And while I feel sad right now I know it will not last. Not for me not for anybody. People will grieve, family and friends especially. First sadness and then within that joy! There is no explaining, save that we sit where seeming opposites, such as life and death, lose their ordinary meaning.

I think my friend would like the music to be found in this video. Watch, listen, smile and be moved. And have a good day. Hopefully with good company and that includes yourself.

This is for Deborah and her family.