It IS Enough!

Desolation Sound in reflective mood.
Desolation Sound in reflective mood.

I have been going through the papers I’ve been carrying around while traveling and came across a couple of things I wrote when I first arrived at the house I stayed in on Cortez Island during the last week of February. It would seem I was pondering on ‘enough’ back then.

In lighter and darker
Shades of green
Set in wafts of
grey mist.

The Sound
seamlessly IS
Sky – water – land
No edges.

As a hungry stranger
Wanting, watching
To see

Is not the green and grey
The drifting wood
The Eagle too?

It IS enough.

Now is Complete

I said in answer to a question about purpose:

Could you conceive
of the possibility
that right now
is complete?

The above was a question I posed during a Q & A session which missed the mark but made an impression on the person sitting next to the questioner! One just never knows where one’s thoughts will land. And take root.

Very busy at the moment unfortunately with little spare time for writing here. Hopefully that will change as I catch up with what needs to be done now I’m settled with a desk to return to. Regularly.

Bigger Than We Can Think

This morning on returning to my room after meditation and morning service I thought to myself, Yes, all my brain and body molecules have now arrived in the UK. And appear to be arranged as they should be. What a relief. Traveling internationally can seriously disrupt ones functioning that’s on subtle and not so subtle levels.
Then later in the morning, with perfect timing, a beautiful hardback book arrived in the post. Not one I’d ordered so it’s something of a mystery as to who sent it to me. (I’ve a good idea though). I opened the book at random, titled The Developing Mind by Daniel J. Siegel, and read this:

Subheading The Embodied Brain, The Organization of the Brain.
The brain is a complex system of interconnected parts. At its most basic level, the skull-based portion of the nervous system consists of over one hundred billion “neurons” and trillions of supportive “glia” cells. Collectively, these neurons are over two million miles long. Each neuron has an average of ten thousand connections that directly link it to other neurons. Thus there are thought to be about one million billion of these connections, making it “the most complex structure, natural or artificial, on earth.

The brain is a wonder to behold. Complex beyond our imaginings yet infinitely ‘plastic’ in that the wiring can be changed, re routed around damaged areas, mentally spoken to in such a way that faulty wiring can be corrected. And that is just for starters.  So nothing much ‘hard wired’ up top, contrary to how the brain has been conceived until relatively recently.

Every Day – Is Every Day – Is a Good Day

 Flying tonight. Vancouver Canada to London Heathrow. Then onwards to Newcastle and Throssel Hole Buddhist Abbey.

I Will Return, Once More

Duffy Lake, B.C. Interior Duffy Lake, B.C.

Land of the silver birch
Home of the beaver
Where still the mighty moose
Wanders at will

Beside the frozen lake.
Beside the frozen lake.

High on a rocky ledge
I’ll build my wigwam
Close to the water’s edge
Silent and still

Anybody see a seal?
Anybody see a seal?

My heart grows sick for thee
Here in the low lands
I will return to thee
Hills of the north

I together with two female sangha members, drove out of Vancouver yesterday heading towards the interior of British Columbia. We traveled via Whistler and Pemberton. Visited sangha members on the way and ended up close to Dragon Flower Mountain Temple near Lytton around 7.00 pm. Dark then with a clear view of the night sky.

This trip marks the end of my stay in North America, Canada specifically. As we stood gazing out at the frozen lake I started to sing. Land of the Silver Birch, home of the beaver etc. Yes, and I did a little jig too! How does the refrain go?

Blue lake and rocky shore
I will return once more
Boom diddy-ah da,
boom diddy-ah da,
boom diddy-ah da,